We provide professional newborn baby photography service.




Pricing & Rates:

We provide professional newborn baby photo shoot package at the following rate:-

  • In this package, you are allowed to choose 30 photos
  • All the chosen 30 photos will be edited 
  • Any additional photo from 31 pieces to 50 pieces will be charged at RM40 per photo (including editing)
  • Above 51 pieces will be charged at RM30 per photo (including editing)
  • We will prepare few sets of props for the shoot and we shall shoot as many sets as possible
  • No of photos produce is depending on how the baby respond to the shoot
  • If the baby did not respond well to your desired poses, we may change them accordingly to suit the baby and situation
  • Sometimes, we might not be able to get smilling face photos of the baby (kindly be informed)
  • Package inclusive of 1 Photographer & 1 New Born Baby Shoot Stylist
  • Duration of shoot : 3 hours (including the baby's milk feeding time, changing time & maybe crying time)
  • No of Photo Print : 2 pieces of A4 size photos with standard frame
  • Package Price: RM1,500.00

For On-Location Photo Shoot:-
- for Kuala Lumpur or Selangor only
  add RM280.00 per trip 
- rate for other locations will be discussed later

Delivery Workflow & Schedule:
- after the shoot, we will submit to you all shortlisted photos for your choosing (small-sized & water-marked version)
- once you have chosen your desired photos, we will perform the necessary editing and digital enhancements on those selected photos
- delivery schedule: 14 to 21 working days (depending on the quantity)

Terms & Conditions:

  • All prices above INCLUDE:
    - if shoot is performed in our studio, no additional charges
    - if shoot is performed OUTSIDE studio, we will be charging traveling and lodging expenses
    - all pictures will be shot with 300 dpi on professional DSLR camera
    - all photos will be given in highest quality JPG file format (if you require us to shoot RAW Format, please inform us prior shoot. There will be additional charges on this serivice)
    - all selected photos shot will belong exclusively to you (the client) 
    - we shall keep all the unselected photos in our studio for 1 year.  You may come back to choose more later if you want to.
    - all photos shot will be digitally enhanced in brightness, contrast, color, sharpeness and also liquifications and touch-ups to remove imperfections

    All prices above EXCLUDE:
    - background removal. All background removal will be charged at RM20 to RM50 per photo
    - addition of text or any form of digital graphic design works (eg: adding of text or logos or other graphics or designs)
    - priority edit service (urgent photo delivery) will be charged an additional of RM20.00 to RM60.00 per photo depending on the number of persons in the photos.
    - prints
    - out-of-state shoot locations. We will bill separately all lodging & traveling charges in the event shoots are performed outside Selangor & Kuala Lumpur.
    - there is a base rate of RM150.00 will be charged if client has booked us for the studio baby photo shoot and during the shoot, if the baby is unable to perform or corporate and ended up unable to shoot any photos.

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