We provide reasonably priced professional personal portrait with your pet photography service.



Pricing & Rates:

We provide professional personal portrait with your pet package at the following rate:-

  • Choose 6 photos to convert to white background (if this is taken in our studio green screen)
  • All chosen photos will be edited and provided in high resolution Jpeg format
  • Any additional photo will be charged at RM60 per photo
  • Add RM20 for background replacement
  • Package Price: RM390.00

Delivery Workflow & Schedule:
- after the shoot, we will submit to you all shortlisted photos for your choosing (small-sized & water-marked version)
- once you have chosen your desired photos, we will perform the necessary editing and digital enhancements on those selected photos
- delivery schedule: 7 to 10 working days


  Terms & Conditions:

  • All prices above INCLUDE:
    - if shoot is performed WITHIN Petaling Jaya area, no additional charges
    - if shoot is performed OUTSIDE Petaling Jaya, we will be charging traveling and lodging expenses
    - all pictures will be shot with 300 dpi on professional DSLR camera
    - all photos will be given in highest quality JPG file format (if you require us to shoot RAW Format, please inform us prior shoot)
    - all photos shot will belong exclusively to you (the client)
    - all photos shot will be digitally enhanced in brightness, contrast, color, sharpeness and also liquifications and touch-ups to remove imperfections
    - 0% GST

    All prices above EXCLUDE:
    - background removal. All background removal will be charged at RM20 to RM50 per photo
    - addition of text or any form of digital graphic design works (eg: adding of text or logos or other graphics or designs)
    - priority edit service (urgent photo delivery) will be charged an additional of RM20.00 to RM60.00 per photo depending on the number of persons in the photos.
    - prints
    - out-of-state shoot locations. We will bill separately all lodging & traveling charges in the event shoots are performed outside Selangor & Kuala Lumpur.

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